Custom Luxury Tours of Spain and Portugal

Award winning travel agency. We have been for over 15 years one of the leading providers of luxury tours of Spain and Portugal, an expert company specialized in unique experiences in the Iberian Peninsula.


The variety and uniqueness of the travels & tours we offer always meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.
Our in-house native experts have lived and traveled throughout both countries and they have carefully handcrafted our private tours to bring you ideal combinations: cultural activities, food and wine experiences, leisure time, boutique hotels,  and special-interest activities customized to your individual interests.

We help you enjoy the best luxury holidays in Spain and Portugal

Our name stands for the most reputable tour company which have been providing luxury holidays in Spain and Portugal for over a decade. Therefore, you can rest assured that your journey investment is secure.LST arranges the complete tour for you and takes care of all responsibilities from the time you arrive to Europe until your chauffeur takes you again back to the airport for your departure.

If you finally resolve to tour spain independently or be part of one of the small group luxury excursions, you will enjoy traveling these beautiful regions in glamour and comfort. You will stay in spain’s best luxury hotels,  enjoy the most interesting culinary traditions, taste distinguished wine in the same cellars where they were born…

Our awarded spain luxury tours include one of our top native english-speaking tour guides, transportation, and most expenses. Visit spain’s finest museums and unique galleries earlier than any other. Enjoy a personal shopping experience with local spanish well known designers. Let your dreams of spain be reality. We are going to design a custom-made spain luxury tour itinerary: 5-star luxury spanish lodges, private excursions and personal drivers, and level you to spain’s best eating places for genuine michelin starred restaurants meals.

Planning your custom luxury tour in Spain

The team at Luxury Tours Spain will deal with your whole journey needs… from customized itineraries to properly arranged collectively packages. Not only do spain tours vary in costs, but there are a number of journey styles to choose from.
For those guest who would prefair a deluxe private car with chauffeur together with a more personalised experience, we also supply customised luxury holidays. There are small group excursions, as well as tours which tend to stay in upscale properties, including most if not all sightseeing in a single up front value.  Moreover, they provide distinctive highlights that a big group cannot experience because of time constraints.

However, it is extremely difficult to experience all the things Spain has to supply in a single journey, but we might help you choose one of our unique luxury tours of spain so you get one of a time experience. Why spending your time at a museum in case you prefair food and wine experiences? It is an excellent example of why one escorted spanish tour may be perfect for one particular person, but only for discerning travelers.

Our aim is always to ensure you have a one of a kind luxury travel experience in Spain and Portugal.

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